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Busou Shinki + Equestria Girls.

Armor, weapons, arms, head, hands, legs, breasts, sometimes hair (so you can put on hair that holds a helmet or something), come off. Making them HIGHLY customizable. They're also EXTREMLY posable.
They sell extra bodies, too, if you wanna paint something to make something new but not lose something you already have.


just an idea…

this is just a photoshop mock up

replacing the lame equestria girls body for a japanese obizu or volks dolls body

someone should do that for real
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@Lawful Girly
That's coming next.

I do look forward to seeing how Dollar Tree/Poundland adapt to all of these new "hip" doll franchises. I'd guess that they would not really have to do much since they can just pretend that their uninitentionally scary dolls are supposed to look like that.
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