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suggestive190639 artist:emperpep81 derpibooru exclusive40477 applejack200393 fluttershy258512 pinkie pie255773 rainbow dash279806 rarity217486 twilight sparkle357627 human245272 g42027542 absolute cleavage5489 adorasexy12739 anime7572 applebucking thighs2569 arm behind head10129 armpits46948 bed57756 belly button110642 bench3713 big breasts125637 bikini25609 bikini top3095 blushing273927 body pillow4752 book43537 bra21768 breasts390776 busty applejack13981 busty fluttershy23926 busty mane six341 busty pinkie pie14387 busty rainbow dash11240 busty rarity17614 busty twilight sparkle16370 chalkboard3646 cleavage46663 clothes634107 curvy9822 cute265623 cutie mark on human2585 daisy dukes1766 erect nipples16788 evening gloves10874 female1801867 females only16887 garter belt12278 garters3627 hat124170 horn190106 horned humanization8072 humanized119561 line-up1284 lingerie14044 mane six37598 midriff24348 miniskirt6874 moe1336 nightgown1915 nipple outline11209 nudity512360 on back34207 orange swimsuit87 panties63746 pixiv14491 plaid swimsuit18 schoolgirl2398 sexy45973 shorts19604 shyabetes19223 skirt55506 socks95452 stockings48448 stupid sexy pinkie1179 swimsuit39104 tailed humanization3442 thigh highs59479 underass3340 underwear78796 uniform16557 wallpaper20826 wallpaper for the fearless2012 white swimsuit173 wide hips30416 winged humanization10116 wings222783 wonderbolts uniform7508


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Yet One More Idiot
Artist -

World's biggest idiot xD
The only glaring thing that caught my eye is how exactly, perfectly SQUARE the checked pattern on AJ’s bra remains, even as it curves around her very full breasts. The pattern on Twiley’s skirt is deformed to follow the flowing shape of the material, but AJ’s bra…absolutely straight.
Other than that, they are beautifully SEXY! 9.9/10! :D
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I’m going with Rarity also partly because of her lingerie, but also her breasts. They’re not as “bulgy” as the other five.
Seriously, they look like they’re sentient and trying to burst out of their clothing.

So comparing the height in the images the order would be: PP>FS>RD/AJ>R>TS  
And ofc, the boobies order: FS>PP>AJ/TS>R/RD