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dead source47193 safe2208171 artist:jan658 button mash4853 oc965612 oc:cream heart3047 earth pony519600 pony1638530 button's adventures303 g42063304 animated128304 censored5291 censored vulgarity758 colt22053 dexterous hooves934 female1841614 foal48181 gif49957 grawlixes392 grounded98 hat127565 humgonian3 i can't believe it's not hasbro studios349 male564044 mare765610 mother2893 propeller hat1024 son448 swearing1091 up all night27 video game6176


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Though I want to believe that it’s somehow related to Gnomish from Artemis Fowl. I’d need to find my copy of Time Paradox but I know his swear very much sounds like “D’Arvit” which was stated in the first book to be “untranslatable otherwise the censors would have a go at it.”
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It’s exactly what you said - a fake language that Jan/Shadyvox created that implies a fake language that would be used in a video game, if only for the joke within this scene.
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What exactly IS Humgonian anyways? Some sort of Skyrim-ish type language that sounds mostly like gibberish unless there’s a game where such a language exists?
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@Star Cavalcade  
Yeah, that was kinda odd. Although, i figure completely redesigning that controller for a completely different physique is somewhat different than just placing the buttons on a different side of the case of a handheld.
The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

I love how they to think how that gameboy would make sense for ponies and then placed the buttons on the side. That attention to detail…