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Y'know, this reminds me of that "Magician Mickey" cartoon short where Mickey trapped Donald in an egg, and did some other tricks on him for heckling his magic show.

Maybe Scoots was heckling Trixie, and this is the retribution? ;)

Trixie: "Behold, as The Great and Powerful Trixie creates a full-grown hen from this egg!"

Apple Bloom: * in the audience * "I don' think that's possible, right?"
Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle: * also in the audience * "Nope."

Trixie: "Humph. just watch!"

Scootaloo: * Now on Stage * "Ow, what the?"

* Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle go slackjawed and look beside them *

Sweetie Belle: "Wait, WHAT? She's not a chicken!"