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not a phase

safe2187464 artist:syrupyyy408 smarty pants1573 twilight sparkle359699 pony1616791 unicorn544092 g42043686 alternate hairstyle38347 blatant lies1678 blushing276889 book43915 cheek squish1363 cuddling10817 cute267659 daaaaaaaaaaaw7069 dialogue94633 emo1674 emo twilight83 eyebrows25291 eyebrows visible through hair12221 eyeliner1873 female1817278 filly98338 filly twilight sparkle3466 floating heart6462 frown36449 glowing19509 glowing horn29331 goffik6 grumpy3272 grumpy twilight327 heart77738 high res408498 horn197402 implied shining armor549 it's not a phase108 levitation16341 lying down47899 magic97314 magic aura9123 makeup41126 my immortal15 offscreen character52876 open book180 open mouth240359 plushie31113 prone35603 reading8177 simple background603544 solo1436806 speech bubble40347 squishy cheeks3232 syrupyyy is trying to murder us32 telekinesis39341 twiabetes15413 twilight sparkle is not amused2016 unamused24203 unicorn twilight33884 wall of tags6778 white background164703 younger23048


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