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Going for a colours theme here
Rendered with 5 4K renders @ 256 DoF samples
26 lights used in this scene
Models used:
- Sunset Shimmer (NSFW warning)
- Shirt (Patreon link, NSFW warning)
- Panties (joined to shirt in post (NSFW warning)
- Gloves, socks and boots (private models)

safe2197809 artist:imafutureguitarhero530 sunset shimmer79970 classical unicorn5646 unicorn549715 anthro365383 unguligrade anthro66108 g42053709 3d124792 :p14614 absurd resolution67895 adorasexy12940 arm fluff336 arm freckles174 bare shoulders6488 border432 butt fluff1030 cheek fluff9808 chest fluff67230 chromatic aberration2112 clothes644796 cloven hooves16909 colored eyebrows1738 colored eyelashes1642 cute269167 ear fluff52270 ear freckles569 evening gloves11003 female1829251 film grain527 fingerless elbow gloves1262 fingerless gloves6805 floppy ears74122 fluffy19958 fluffy hair284 fluffy mane666 fluffy tail589 freckles45174 fur1158 gloves30627 hand on knee198 hand on leg588 hoof fluff3378 horn203787 latex19318 latex clothes111 latex gloves2935 latex leotard103 latex socks3915 latex stockings910 leg fluff5368 leonine tail14471 leotard6668 long gloves9603 long mane7880 looking at you264801 multicolored hair12465 multicolored mane5266 multicolored tail3677 one ear down1519 paintover194 peace sign4850 peppered bacon381 reflection4778 revamped anthros1768 revamped ponies862 sexy46829 shimmerbetes5290 shiny4241 shoulder fluff3206 shoulder freckles1616 signature45665 simple background609244 skindentation579 smiling405922 smiling at you27003 socks97234 solo1445538 source filmmaker68613 standing26398 standing on one leg1423 stockings49478 tail106862 tail fluff518 thigh highs61197 tongue out149731 unshorn fetlocks48620 vertical229 wall of tags6887 white background166498


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