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A g5 artwork I found on Pinterest, the artist is unknown.
Update: ty unknown user

safe2199574 artist:andromed3_bunny2 hitch trailblazer14292 izzy moonbow22282 misty brightdawn9074 pipp petals21748 sparky sparkeroni4092 sprout cloverleaf2594 sunny starscout22331 zipp storm17576 human251039 g578502 adorapipp3315 beard5821 belly46103 belly button113025 blue hair2064 blushing279578 bracelet16146 chubby17538 clothes645599 colored wings15279 cornrows404 crown30617 cute269447 cyan eyes501 dark skin8925 dragon tail362 dragon wings1243 dress63168 ear piercing45200 elf ears2701 facial hair10534 female1831378 fit1437 friendship bracelet940 glowing19933 glowing horn29578 green hair933 horn204797 horned humanization8154 human coloration7069 humanized121014 izzybetes2750 jacket20469 jewelry116377 jumpsuit5705 light skin6661 looking at each other35344 looking at someone17261 looking at you265226 male560270 mane five4333 mane six (g5)1084 mane stripe sunny7920 mistybetes1287 moderate dark skin1280 multiple characters244 pants22957 phone12695 piercing65764 pipp is chubby117 purple hair2227 regalia37436 roller skates1678 short hair3390 shorts20026 simple background610120 skates719 slender8845 smiling406549 smiling at each other2891 smiling at you27139 soccer shoes59 socks97345 stars23941 sunnybetes1928 tail107267 tan skin630 thin12619 two toned hair982 two toned wings6444 white background166778 wing ears460 winged humanization10209 wings230143


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