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A fair amount of inpainting and later a similar amount of editing was done to complete this. Some less-noticeable errors are still present; it is still AI after all, haha.
Generated using NovelAI’s new Furry V3 model and has shown tremendous improvement over the old version.
Positive prompt: {{sweetie belle (mlp)}}, {{scootaloo (mlp)}}, {{apple bloom (mlp)}}, trio, group, solo, feral, scenery
Negative prompt: Anthro, snow, particles, duo, solo
Some notable improvements of the new version are: character recognition, subject separation (multiple characters in one scene much easier), improved cutie marks if present, more style variety and less washed out colors.

safe2198207 ai content21935 ai generated20604 edit174973 generator:novelai2523 generator:stable diffusion12302 prompter:hazy skies24 apple bloom60574 scootaloo59235 sweetie belle57235 earth pony514986 pegasus507680 pony1628656 unicorn549965 g42054070 apple21521 apple tree4425 cloud44152 crouching963 cutie mark crusaders22609 folded wings20968 food103051 grass15798 horn204019 log926 looking at something5164 looking at you264899 prompt in description752 scenery10611 sitting94341 smiling406045 tree50543 wings229767


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