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safe2197163 artist:zokkili322 princess luna118175 alicorn319314 pony1627610 g42053002 :d1881 animated127493 colored pupils13379 cute269074 ear flick752 eyebrows25812 eyebrows visible through hair12576 eyes open1941 female1828451 filly99172 filly luna571 foal46235 gif49446 happy45269 i watch it for the ears499 lunabetes4417 open mouth242553 open smile33302 peytral7875 pink background6687 simple background608898 sitting94266 smiling405681 solo1444907 spread wings97324 tail106683 tail wag1555 underhoof70034 weapons-grade cute4716 white sclera81 wings229495 woona5688 younger23191


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