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Scotchie gets all the mares
Did a collab with Ebonyglow for this pic! Check out his fic below:

suggestive192665 artist:nookprint177 fluttershy261279 rainbow dash282973 pegasus507799 pony1628977 g42054356 all the mares tease butterscotch48 bedroom eyes83479 blush lines1109 blushing279303 butterscotch2226 cloud44167 duo179040 duo male and female8153 eyes on the prize6887 female1830100 half r63 shipping2710 implied sex8339 male559804 on a cloud3367 open mouth242843 open smile33417 presenting35353 rule 6333862 ship:butterdash68 ship:flutterdash6149 shipping257616 smiling406131 spread wings97467 straight181892 sweat41493 sweatdrops2145 tail107027 tail wag1554 tongue out149814 wingboner9713 wings229846


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Scotchie gets all the mares indeed! I love the idea of R63 Fluttershy being the unintentional chick magnate but feels so conflicted about it!