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safe2197991 artist:zephyrcrocus4 pipp petals21700 zipp storm17537 pegasus507590 pony1628452 g578300 blushing279202 boop9436 chubby17506 concave belly7477 duo178796 duo female33761 female1829480 folded wings20967 height difference2820 incest18200 lesbian119131 looking at each other35295 looking at someone17194 mare758294 nose wrinkle3967 noseboop3735 physique difference959 pipp is chubby117 pipp is short657 raised hoof71498 royal sisters (g5)3108 ship:petalstorm178 shipping257549 siblings22848 simple background609331 sisters18662 smiling405975 smiling at each other2882 wings229713 zipp is tall122


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Rice pone
I’m going to say something extremely controversial.
I think this is my one and only ship in MLP that I legitimately like for some reason. Imma goanna ship it. And draw more of it.
I think people are not aware that they are sisters.
There’s 2,800+ images of princest (Celestia+Luna). I’m pretty sure the artists are aware.