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“Spicy Boundaries”

safe2176412 artist:chopsticks743 twilight sparkle358120 alicorn314854 pony1604629 g42031050 adorkable4347 bedroom eyes82212 blushing274560 braces1846 cheek fluff9545 chest fluff65687 cute266046 dialogue93144 dork4693 female1804939 flirting2446 floppy ears73076 looking at you259715 open mouth237960 sign5234 solo1427683 spread wings94710 stray strand655 talking to viewer5924 text89758 twiabetes15312 twilight sparkle (alicorn)149553 wing fluff2399 wing hold693 wings223477


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Neko Majin C
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Twilight's Westley
Now a mare who will hug on the very first date is usually a hussy.
And a mare who will hug on the second time out is anything but fussy.
But a mare who will wait until the third time around,
Head in the clouds, hooves on the ground.
She is the one he is glad he has found,
She is his Shipoopi.
Background Pony #A97E
How is she being recalcitrant? And it seems like she’s being the opposite of vaporous.
Recalcitrant means to be uncooperative, especially towards authority; while some ponies may blush or scoff or turn their heads, there’s no rule saying lovers can’t hug on the first date. And vaporous means lacking in substance or clarity, but I would say she’s being very clear about her intentions.