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sci-twi/scitwi from mlp equestria girls!! drawn in animal jam classic

safe2176389 artist:junniepiepoopop23 sci-twi31380 twilight sparkle358120 pony1604587 unicorn538843 equestria girls256168 g42031046 animal jam60 blush scribble278 blushing274557 butt fluff923 e=mc^211 ear fluff50812 emanata2917 equestria girls ponified5120 eyelashes26683 female1804917 glasses88847 glowing19198 glowing horn29172 horn191534 leonine tail14176 looking at something5048 magic96749 mare742399 multicolored mane4827 multicolored tail3351 open mouth237959 open smile31414 pi204 ponytail27198 purple coat726 purple eyes6056 reading8119 ribbon9126 simple background597384 smiling398039 solo1427663 tail101214 tail fluff473 telekinesis39106 tied mane228 unicorn horn1060 unicorn sci-twi1172 white background162282


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