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My entry for the 2024 April Fools event and my first meme parody which I plan on doing more in the future. Fun fact: I have never tried a hot pocket in my life by this point, I was never interested in them. :V
Art and Myoozik The Dragon belong to me

safe2176387 artist:mr.myoozik94 derpibooru exclusive40503 oc948575 oc only688869 oc:myoozik the dragon180 dragon85498 april fools 2024214 arm behind back8544 brown eyes1326 clothes635387 dragon oc1867 eyebrows24736 fangs40175 glasses88847 green shirt63 hat124411 hot pocket26 i dropped my hot pocket2 jewelry113341 male551484 meme93946 meme reference22 necklace32426 non-pony oc2379 open mouth237958 shirt40529 simple background597383 speech bubble39499 talking10824 tongue out147403 top hat5620 transparent background284701


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@Background Pony #69BF
Then I need to warm it up then
Oh I did, it’s just on the floor everywhere
As long as I have glasses, then it won’t be an issue
@Wheatley R.H.
Just make sure not to drop it ;)
Do I get charged for hot pocketslaughter then? :(
No cap, that looks delicious
You get the badge for posting anything actually, I just decided to do hot pockets since it was thematically appropriate to the event