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safe2197657 artist:wolferahm49 apple bloom60559 scootaloo59222 sweetie belle57219 twilight sparkle361081 earth pony514764 pegasus507413 pony1628073 unicorn549614 g42053580 aztec216 bipedal50315 bondage47134 cutie mark crusaders22597 female1829038 filly99205 foal46271 hogtied775 horn203675 mare758087 misspelling3214 sacrifice171 simple background609149 this will end in tears4379 this will end in tears and/or death and/or covered in tree sap335 transparent background289048 unicorn twilight34558


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Background Pony #52F0
I’m surprised, normally these three would abduct random ponies to do that kind of stuff…
Background Pony #B0C3
Looks like Twilight gonna need to have a talk with Spike about his book reshelving duties…