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Leaked DLC found for My Little Pony A Zephyr Heights Mystery!
There has been a leaked version of the game that comes out somewhere in fall that includes a DLC for the game, The Person who found it was on the outright Games website who Datamind the site and found this
a Special version of the game called My Little Pony A Zephyr Heights Mystery: Quest for Allura’s Booty it was on 4chan a few days ago but has been gone of course since you know it’s 4chan after all nothing last there forever unless archived
But i did save the image of the screenshot of the switch version and copy the description of what the story will be
The Story
Quest for Allura’s Booty, an all new story mode where Hitch, Zipp and Sparky were enjoying a fine Picnic in the Woods when all of a sudden they spotted Allura’s minions who talk about trying to keep her Super Ultra Powerful Treasure! Safe to prevent anyone knowing about it as Allura’s Secret Treasure may be trouble for all of Equestria! It’s Now Up for our Three Heroes on an Epic Quest to find Allura’s Treasure on a Big Journey before it’s too late.
Not much is know about this DLC as there are no other screenshots of the gameplay but we could expect to see it during the month the game comes out as this version includes it coming this fall of this year
But the one thing it mentions is Allura minions as we had not as of yet seen her having minions expect for one henchmen which is Twitch so it seems this may be something we will see Allura do later on perhaps it Might be in the next MLP G5 Show since make your mark is now over and we don’t know what the next show will be but we could expect to see more of Allura and revealed who her brother is and find out what there real Master plan is.
So that’s all it is to this just keep your eye out when we see more info and reveal of the DLC for the new MLP game this year for the coming months.

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The Cringemiester
yeah not buying it (the rumored DLC I’m probably gonna pre order the game soon) why? because the title is just too funny.
edit: to clarify because of my ambiguous language I don’t believe this dlc is even real because the title is just too hilarious.