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safe2189979 artist:sillyp0ne39 twilight sparkle360017 alicorn317686 semi-anthro22844 g42045889 alternate hairstyle38404 big ears2338 clothes641484 colored wings14953 curved horn11726 cute268005 eye clipping through hair15204 female1820049 horn198950 human shoulders1996 leaning back1050 long horn1661 long mane7695 looking down14910 magic97452 mare752791 missing cutie mark6606 multicolored mane5133 multicolored tail3584 ponytail27645 purple coat932 purple eyes6305 raised hoof70886 raised leg12076 signature45221 sitting93706 smiling402909 socks96726 solo1438850 sparkly mane1337 sparkly tail732 spread wings96385 starry background224 striped socks28538 tail104607 thigh highs60620 tied mane340 twiabetes15438 twilight sparkle (alicorn)150286 two toned wings6350 unicorn horn1239 wingding eyes41363 wings227249


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