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fluttershy redesign 🦋🌸

safe2190335 artist:bunydotcom6 fluttershy260361 butterfly9911 pegasus503935 pony1620241 g42046168 alternate cutie mark2781 alternate design6311 alternate hairstyle38408 bandaid3302 blushing277483 chest fluff66763 coat markings14080 colored eartips570 colored eyelashes1573 colored hooves12700 colored pinnae1069 colored wings14959 colored wingtips2980 fangs40727 female1820540 flower40098 flower in hair12823 flower in tail330 folded wings20587 freckles44810 green eyes10129 heart77921 heart eyes30399 long tail5880 mare753114 multicolored eyes329 open mouth241038 open smile32623 pink mane2979 pink tail1257 profile8424 raised leg12080 redesign4774 shiny hooves417 short mane1955 signature45227 simple background605093 small wings1080 smiling403036 socks (coat markings)8443 solo1439136 tail104682 two toned wings6351 unshorn fetlocks48066 white background165128 wingding eyes41366 wings227331 yellow coat1119


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