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a redraw of ArtemPredator’s derpy render, after being enamored by it.
check it out here
still not done. but will be.

suggestive193557 artist:dant10 derpy hooves58237 pegasus513694 anthro368885 unguligrade anthro66642 g42066334 :37195 belly button114116 bikini26533 black and white17939 breasts401292 busty derpy hooves2130 clothes651206 cloven hooves17057 double peace sign399 eye clipping through hair15908 female1845843 four fingers78 grayscale50257 hoof feet468 long hair9256 monochrome177247 peace sign4900 raised leg12466 redraw3377 signature46401 simple background616401 sketch84795 smiling411606 solo1457135 solo female240003 spread wings99217 swimsuit40358 tail110800 watermark24764 wings234021 wip9955


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