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Well, it’s no Taco Tuesday, but it’s still pretty good.
So who should we see enslaved next? Write your suggestions below. Entries from other franchises welcome as well.

suggestive190568 artist:toonbat413 limestone pie6200 marble pie8274 maud pie14948 pinkie pie255580 earth pony445561 anthro359298 unguligrade anthro65222 g42027168 blushing273745 bondage46470 breasts390520 collar47846 domination2877 dubious consent2273 female1800871 females only16885 femdom10366 femsub14185 grin62917 incest17906 leash10583 nudity512108 open mouth237201 open smile31115 raised leg11860 smiling396901 standing24968 standing on one leg1372 submissive23188


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Artist -

God, I wish I had conveyed this more clearly. They’re not cuffs. They’re collars and leashes. Each sister is trying to fit it on the next one in line of succession. So Pinkie on Marble, Maud on Pinkie and Limestone on Maud.
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So who should we see enslaved next?
Obviously the CMC with their big sisters <3
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Artist -

But she has only 4 limbs.
I suppose it’s kind of contest like in that chairs game, but with cuffs instead.
Or maybe the last pair is to connect first two together.
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