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This was an image I requested from RunningToaster. It was inspired by the Raven Pony image he did a while back, but I went a different direction with it. What if a spell backfired for the secret pony lover heroine?
Requested by Firingwall, who asked for
“Raven into Trixie, the Great and Powerful
Raven was trying out a new spell, but it is turning her into an anthro, busty & curvy version of Trixie from Friendship is Magic.
Raven is shocked, but slowly, her attitude and mindset changes to Trixie’s big ego. She goes from thinking the spell was a mistake to thinking she makes no mistakes to thinking she must’ve wanted this to finally thinking that she is a genius, great, and all powerful

safe2174821 artist:runningtoaster98 trixie79551 pony1602917 unicorn538132 anthro359817 unguligrade anthro65325 g42029339 big breasts125761 breasts391139 busty trixie5382 clothes634671 dc comics2136 female1803182 great and powerful270 hips4749 horn190700 huge breasts58249 leotard6575 mental shift221 offscreen character52329 ponified50775 post-transformation341 raven (dc comics)583 simple background596586 sketch82729 solo1426426 teen titans633 thighs28339 transformation15635 white background161860 wide hips30470


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