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Mm S My Little Pony Meme By Madammassacre-d5iqqt
A while ago, when the earth was still young, made his version of this meme ([link]) and I was like “yay, this looks nice” and so I wanted to do it aswell. First time I drew my own character. Oo And he’s not even done yet, still have think of a few things. Can’t think of a cutie mark, for instance, though I like him without. :/ Meh.
And Rarity is scary with scissors. :<

safe2175962 artist:latiken32 derpy hooves57535 rarity217681 twilight sparkle358062 oc948310 oc:dim43 changeling65958 pegasus497163 pony1604182 unicorn538662 g42030826 bipedal49578 boop9331 changelingified1742 clothes635192 fangs40156 female1804467 floppy ears73063 flying55138 glowing19187 glowing horn29166 grin63042 hair over eyes1805 hat124376 horn191320 levitation16256 looking at you259627 magic96720 magic aura9013 male551356 mare742133 meme93935 monocle1260 my little pony logo6242 open mouth237873 open smile31384 scissors1426 smiling397902 species swap26666 stallion195902 suit9026 tail101107 talking to viewer5922 telekinesis39097 top hat5620 unamused24047 unicorn oc31017 unicorn twilight33257 waving4274 waving at you377


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