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chryssy is a sore loser. her n trixie have so much in common :3
#trixie would be chryssys favorite of the group i think

safe2174104 artist:tottallytoby123 part of a set23668 queen chrysalis42162 trixie79543 changeling65892 changeling queen23876 pony1602271 unicorn537831 g42028775 alternate hairstyle37912 alternate universe13034 beanbrows1179 blue eyes12678 blue mane3752 cape14486 carapace103 card trick52 clothes634364 colored hooves12280 colored horn1627 comic135421 dialogue92981 eye clipping through hair14680 eyebrows24612 eyelashes26658 facial markings6149 fangs40094 female1802463 folded wings19951 frown36131 glowing19131 glowing horn29133 green eyes9777 hat124208 horn190342 insect wings663 lidded eyes48007 long eyelashes451 magic96616 mare740888 open mouth237481 open smile31225 raised hoof69911 short mane1841 smiling397347 speech bubble39387 straight mane338 talking10789 teal mane101 telekinesis39055 text89577 trixie's cape5163 trixie's hat6139 wings222933


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