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chryssy is a sore loser. her n trixie have so much in common :3
#trixie would be chryssys favorite of the group i think

safe2174613 artist:tottallytoby124 part of a set23678 queen chrysalis42170 trixie79549 changeling65905 changeling queen23885 pony1602754 unicorn538051 g42029209 :<1582 alternate hairstyle37930 alternate universe13035 beanbrows1181 blue eyes12705 blue mane3764 blue tail1197 cape14489 carapace104 card3406 card trick52 clothes634598 coat markings13513 colored eyebrows1518 colored hooves12311 colored horn1629 colored pinnae843 comic135451 dialogue93023 ear fluff50770 ear tufts1598 exclamation point5672 eye clipping through hair14703 eyebrows24641 eyebrows visible through hair11777 eyelashes26664 facial markings6167 fangs40116 female1803014 folded wings19972 frown36145 glowing19140 glowing horn29139 green eyes9788 hat124255 horn190602 insect wings664 leonine tail14124 lidded eyes48034 long eyelashes452 magic96641 mare741233 narrowed eyes1701 one eye closed45736 open mouth237596 open smile31281 raised hoof69961 short mane1848 smiling397536 speech bubble39420 splotches129 straight mane344 tail100787 talking10796 teal mane104 telekinesis39064 text89649 trixie's cape5163 trixie's hat6139 wings223075 wink32926


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