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My Hero..
These two.. always coming two each others aid, whether it’s a fashion disaster or a real disaster~<3
Lovely little Request for Derpibooru~<3

safe2171634 ai assisted1609 ai content18620 artist:venisoncreampie37 derpibooru exclusive40439 generator:pony diffusion v6 xl2252 generator:stable diffusion10290 rarity217291 steven magnet623 dragon85281 eastern dragon305 pony1599756 sea serpent254 unicorn536725 g42026446 blushing273469 chest fluff65281 cloud43124 cute265392 digital art29408 dragonified2157 dripping8015 duo169151 duo male and female5942 ear fluff50469 eyelashes26603 eyeshadow29946 female1799649 flowing mane4949 flowing tail3344 horns10894 looking at each other34218 looking at someone15850 makeup40205 male549763 mare739081 ocean12590 open mouth236919 open smile30992 rarinet4 request4676 scales2530 shipping253809 sky23068 smiling396471 smiling at each other2574 species swap26603 straight178787 swimming4790 tail100037 teeth21818 water25368 wet11647 wet mane6431


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