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safe2155014 artist:prixy05895 applejack198815 hitch trailblazer13578 sunny starscout20940 alicorn310237 earth pony438164 pony1582987 g42007449 g573328 misty-rious new room421 my little pony: tell your tale24897 spoiler:g532166 spoiler:my little pony: tell your tale22708 spoiler:tyts02e05421 character swap206 female1781839 g4 to g5769 g5 to g42435 generation leap10398 hitch and his heroine17 mane stripe sunny7377 mare728696 portal2552 race swap21269 silly8829 silly pony3505 solo focus29345 sunnycorn1816 swirly eyes3376 who's a silly pony792


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Background Pony #7DD6
If Applejack met the Gen 5, it be grand if she introduce them to Apples to the Core. I see them enjoy it; especially the virtuous Sunny, the enthusiastic Izzy and the altruistic Misty.
Background Pony #20B1
@northern haste
There’s that, but it would be really cool if there was a Twilight vs Opaline flashback, like the comics haven’t even shown that yet
Background Pony #7DD6
@northern haste
I picture the Gen Gen 4 ones being mentors to Gen 5 ones. Maybe even involve flashbacks such as when trying to prevent many from doing their errors including Posey. And perhaps when Zipp gets suspecious and the Gen 4 ones reveal she was wise because it turn out to be an old enemy.