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This is a paraspone version of my oc Elizabat Stormfeather, which im calling Parabite Stormfeather ^^
Parabite is a pony who has an interest in all things gothic and edgy, but is still a very friendly and kind pony. She works as a tattoo artist and piercing artists, who offers her service to both normal ponies, as well as doing tattoos and piercings for other Paraspone ponies too, since she has more knowledge how the parasites work.
She is also bisexual, and is in a relationship with her girlfriend, another fellow paraspone pony called Star Snatcher :3

safe2172739 alternate version86443 artist:apieceofmii11 derpibooru exclusive40459 oc946767 oc only687246 oc:elizabat stormfeather712 oc:parabite stormfeather3 alicorn313812 bat pony74855 bat pony alicorn3343 original species36454 paraspone5 wyrm26 alicorn oc36449 augmented4296 augmented tail1179 bat pony oc29546 bat wings16501 chest fluff65409 ear piercing43687 earring32637 exoskeleton135 face tattoo123 fangs40057 female1801050 horn189721 horn piercing240 jewelry112862 leg fluff5104 mare740008 markings3313 nose piercing4242 nose ring3080 parasite383 piercing63908 raised hoof69821 raised leg11859 reference sheet18698 skull4330 solo1424847 tail100393 tattoo8210 tongue piercing1487 tree49249 unshorn fetlocks46623 wings222618


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