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A mass of glistening black tentacle erupted from the foaming pot on the range top. From 2 tentacles there emerged a single large, unblinking eyeball. One of these turned and looked at Sweetie Belle.
“What the hay Sweetie Belle!” Applebloom exclaimed. “I thought ya said ya were gonna a make a cake!”
“I was!” Wailed the filly as she recoiled away from one of the eyeballs that was now staring intently.
“Uh what kind of cake?” Asked Scootaloo.
“Eh, Devil’s Food.” Link Squeaked Sweetie. “Everything was going fine until I added the last ingredient.
“And wut ingredient would that be?” AB was now eyeing her friend with suspicion. This wasn’t the first time Sweetie Belle’s cooking had gone terribly awry.
“Um Cream of Tartar.” Link Said the filly as she side stepped away from a tentacle that had reached out for her.
Applebloom’s face scrunched up. “Where didja git it?” The 3 fillies were standing in the kitchen of Twilight’s palace. The original plan had been to bake a cake as a surprise for the Princess of Friendship.
“Um, uh.” Sweetie was now dancing around to avoid several tentacles that seemed to be very curious in her now. “It’s over on the table there!”
Scootaloo trotted over and stared at the label for a moment. Then groaned. “Ugh! Sweetie Belle! This isn’t Cream of Tartar! It’s Cream of Tartarus!” Link
“Oh horseapples.” Groaned Applebloom. “Twilight really need ta label her stuff better!”
Scootaloo rolled her eyes. “Yeah! And maybe not leaving it lying around in the kitchen would help to!”
“Girls! Could really use your help!” One of the tentacles had grabbed hold of the unicorn’s horn.
The other 2 fillies sighed and went to rescue their friend.
Another of the drawings I started during my most recent Picarto stream. The theme was recommended by my Patreon patrons, and that was food and cooking related.

safe2172212 artist:baron engel2692 apple bloom59970 scootaloo58717 sweetie belle56697 earth pony445399 pegasus495579 pony1600387 unicorn537032 g42026958 concave belly5157 cooking1440 cutie mark crusaders22358 female1800377 filly97252 fit1298 foal44073 food101155 monochrome174749 muscles19049 pencil drawing11308 slender6552 sweetie belle can't cook82 sweetie fail244 thin9686 traditional art142978


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