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Sunny:“it’s ok Izzy, I’m here. Remember, I’m lookin’ out for you” 💜

safe2174871 ai content18924 ai generated17750 generator:pony diffusion v6 xl2367 generator:purplesmart.ai3469 generator:stable diffusion10469 prompter:catu18 izzy moonbow21680 sunny starscout21517 earth pony446535 pony1602986 unicorn538162 g575505 absurd resolution67468 adorable face1976 blushing274221 comforting1650 couch12497 crying55487 cuddling10749 cute265831 daaaaaaaaaaaw7015 duo170057 duo female30969 female1803241 floppy ears73010 heart76497 hug37610 hug from behind732 izzybetes2694 lesbian117695 looking at each other34357 looking at someone16019 mane stripe sunny7560 mare741376 peaceful249 ship:moonscout508 shipping254226 sitting92401 smiling397638 smiling at each other2610 unshorn fetlocks46816


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No it’s fine just rip my heart out with this I didn’t need that thing ;_;
seriously tho I can relate to this I am feeling like izzy here teary eyed but happy. tia this is so sweet.
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NLR Enthusiast
Sadly, the system has taught us to behave like this. I totally agree with you, I would’ve love to be hugged and hand held by men without being all weirded out. The feel of a true supportive friendship, that’s one of the things I envy of women, they can do it freely.
Also, it is important to mention the safety of one’s boundaries.
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Lily Fathom
Phileo love is so under rated. Even when being held and it not be romantic, but instead supportive. I wish more men were huggers within friendship.