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Hmm… Is it just me, or does Zipp look different today?
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safe2174551 ai content18898 ai generated17724 generator:pony diffusion v6 xl2356 prompter:siber295 zipp storm16935 pegasus496575 pony1602704 g575463 adorazipp1238 alternate hairstyle37928 couch12495 cute265783 female1802927 folded wings19970 high res407858 indoors8192 long mane7284 looking at you259357 mare741205 open mouth237586 open smile31276 picture1826 plant3446 smiling397517 smiling at you25292 solo1426252 walking7519 wings223060


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Background Pony #8915
Holy god in heaven. She looks soooo incredibly good. I understand that the staff wanted at least one of the girls to look more cool than cute, but… my gosh. HAVE THEY BEEN WRONG! I’d wish that the designer, the decision maker or whoever, one day, finds this picture and burst into tears.
To the AI operator or whatever you are called. Great job.
Background Pony #E8E2
Zipp’s mane shape is one of the worst. Looks like a dab of extruded multi-flavor ice cream. Almost any other hairstyle is going to be better.
Background Pony #3DF9
Though probably a pain and a half to maintain, a long loose mane makes any pony much prettier. This also applies to women.
Pixel Perfection - Hot Pockets Spotted

Exodus's lost flock
@Background Pony #44EC
And this’s why in various AU ideas of mine pretaining to the future or apocalypse-y scenarios, Zipp just stops styling her mane into a mohawk and lets it grow to its natural shape(though shorter then this) cus she doesn’t want to waste time and resources on something uneeded outside of aesthetic.