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Zipp is quite the multitalented athlete but rollerskating was one sport she never bothered checking out - until she met Sunny and saw how much fun the friendly earth pony had zipping around on her twelve little wheels.
Here we see Zipp’s first time on rollerblades, being taught by none other than Sunny Starscout herself, who graciously lent Zipp her own skates for the lesson! And with it came a rare moment of Equestria’s coolest princess being legitimately nervous for once. Savor her adorable distress while it lasts because that mare is a very quick learner.
This drawing is set between the events of My Little Pony: A New Generation and My Little Pony: Tell Your Tale, before Zipp became a rollerblading master in her own right (>>2943540).

safe2174096 alternate version86553 artist:itssim154 sunny starscout21497 zipp storm16923 earth pony446250 pegasus496410 pony1602265 g575387 adorable distress897 beautiful8609 cliff1464 cloud43229 colored24972 colored wings14482 commission117309 commissioner:snowy comet57 concave belly5260 crystal brighthouse1925 cute265719 day3164 depth of field286 duo169884 duo female30915 eyelashes26658 female1802459 fence4233 floppy ears72967 grass15347 gritted teeth19404 helmet15837 high res407810 hooves25976 lighting795 mane stripe sunny7554 mare740885 maretime bay913 motion blur707 multicolored wings5546 nervous8591 open mouth237481 outdoors21649 road1202 roller skates1630 rollerblades189 running8105 satchel661 scared14269 scenery10444 scenery porn1136 shading4129 skates655 sky23133 slender6626 spread wings94487 story included12802 sweat40572 teaching223 teeth21909 thin9790 tree49327 twilight sparkle's cutie mark770 unshorn fetlocks46748 wall of tags6638 water25472 wings222933


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I would certainly be terrified going downhill on skates on a road surface like that. While Zipp being a quadruped and having wings would give her a lot more stability, the risk of one of the skates getting into one of the cracks and suddenly stopping is still a big risk.
Background Pony #6913
As a guy who’s on the fence about skateboarding after a hard fall, I have two things to say:
Keep your weight centered and slightly forward. How you lean and pivot your body is how you turn and steer.
The lower you are, the more stability you got. Adjust your legs accordingly as gravity pulls at your feet.