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safe2172081 derpibooru exclusive40448 pinkie pie255508 twilight sparkle357351 alicorn313633 earth pony445323 pegasus495535 pony1600255 comic:applejack and the fun apple farm28 g42026882 20151219 bongkoch kids31 book43499 bookhorse736 bookshelf5632 bowl2406 box6380 cabinet331 candy9888 candy cane3361 countertop25 cupcake6946 curtains4011 disgusting148 donut2990 drawer367 drool34600 faucet167 flower39376 focused126 food101147 gasp1352 gasping196 lollipop3275 magazine1390 magazine scan178 mittens636 polka dot background219 polka dots244 reading8093 ripped page2 salt237 salt shaker98 shelf851 sink729 spread wings94240 standing on two hooves1660 studying344 table13055 thai130 thailand230 torn page5 twilight sparkle (alicorn)148990 warm186 window13976 wings222358 worms85


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Background Pony #93BF
  1. ง (be responsible as much as you can)
    [Twi basically screwed a book of her own former library]
    ก -> simply wasteful
    ข -> pointless, it is her own library’s book
    ค -> report herself?? haha funny… she owned this library, Golden Oak (before Tirek destroyed it)
  2. ง (pragmatic and best one, distraction and maximise output)
    [Ponk got Halloween customer overload and ingredients shortage, her favorite holiday went hard]
    ก -> time wasting
    ข -> customers will protest, otherwise turn Pinkamena and make them ingredients instead
    ค -> almost good, but cost time