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safe2190565 artist:petaltwinkle965 twilight sparkle360104 alicorn317854 pony1620554 g42046455 the last problem8084 crown30358 cute268104 element of generosity1431 element of harmony143 element of honesty1408 element of kindness1589 element of laughter1433 element of loyalty1633 element of magic3565 elements of harmony2906 ethereal mane13675 eye clipping through hair15221 eyebrows25456 eyebrows visible through hair12341 female1820857 folded wings20601 glowing19616 glowing horn29397 hair over one eye13062 heart77949 heart eyes30405 hoof shoes9997 horn199356 jewelry115190 lidded eyes48958 long horn1663 long mane7709 mare753307 older40526 older twilight4414 older twilight sparkle (alicorn)3894 partially open wings2367 passepartout1300 peytral7779 princess shoes1359 princess twilight 2.03841 regalia37038 signature45241 simple background605227 smiling403130 solo1439347 starry mane7211 starry tail1031 tail104724 twiabetes15447 twilight sparkle (alicorn)150328 watermark24389 wingding eyes41376 wings227401 yellow background3198


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