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Techy Cutie Pony Collection!

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What better way to celebrate Christmas Eve than with the Cutie Mark Crusaders!!
I had a lot of fun with some Colored Pencil brushes these past few days~

safe2199566 artist:stencilfim64 apple bloom60589 scootaloo59241 sweetie belle57252 earth pony515593 pegasus508286 pony1630097 unicorn550658 g42055506 bell6887 blank flank10104 boots34141 christmas21174 christmas clothing53 clothes645596 costume39727 cutie mark crusaders22603 dress63167 female1831360 filly99298 foal46376 footwear22 fur1162 green eyes10315 hair3425 hat126634 headgear104 headwear33 high res409309 holiday35436 hooves26652 horn204796 jingle bells362 jumping4678 no pupils5951 open mouth243077 orange eyes1333 pink hair2915 purple eyes6446 purple hair2227 red hair1735 rope16180 santa costume2204 santa hat8462 santa sack224 shoes60907 simple background610115 smiling406546 snow19866 text91446 trio27508 trio female6021 wind1703 wings230142


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