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Starlight Glimmer was excited. She couldn’t wait to see her friends and celebrate Hearth’s Warming Eve with them. She remembered the last year, when she had really experienced this holiday for the first time.
Back then, Starlight was still skeptical and wanted to be alone. She had no good experiences with that holiday. Not all the seeds of the past grow into something beautiful. Sometimes they just throw a shade onto your future. But Twilight had told her a wonderful story, which taught her the meaning of Hearth’s Warming Eve. Twilight always tended to solve problems with books, but most of the time she was right about it.
Like back when Rainbow Dash hurt her wing and was bored in the hospital. The Daring Do story did cheer up Rainbow a lot, and even turned her into a huge fan. Twilight knows what she is doing.
And for Starlight it was similar. The story helped her to get the courage to join all the ponies in the celebration of Hearth’s Warming Eve. Twilight did not pressure her, she gave Starlight the feeling of being welcomed and that they genuinely wanted her to be part of the evening.
Starlight joined them. That night she felt the warmth of the friendships surrounding her. All the ponies and the specialties they had, coming together to spend a fun evening full of laughter. They had welcomed her into the group, even after she had tried to ruin their friendship. They had forgiven her, helped her, and supported her. Her friends had shown her the true magic of friendship.
Starlight saw how the world would be without this very magic right before Twilight reached for her and helped her step hoof into a new future.
Starlight smiled as she looked around the castle. She got up early today and decorated a part of the castle with festive ornaments and lights. She also prepared some gifts for Twilight and her good friend Trixie. Starlight wanted to show them how much she appreciated them. She spent a lot of time and effort finding the perfect presents for them. She knew they would like them, because they came from her heart.
A Few Days ago Starlight asked Rarity to make her a new Christmas sweater to wear bought a Christmas hat, and even styled her mane today to look even more festive.
Starlight heard a knocking on the door, she was happy to see that it was Twilight. She was already waiting for her to come back. Starlight welcomed her back in a cheerful way and used her magic to light up the star on top of a tree, that she put up, and wished Twilight a happy Hearth’s Warming Eve. She was proud as a Filly to see the smile on Twilight’s face and was eager to spend another great time full of future memories together.

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