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„Holidays are coming, Holidays are coming!” 🎄💖

safe2174255 artist:woonborg117 princess celestia112697 princess luna117192 alicorn314110 pony1602417 g42028855 antlers3750 chest fluff65542 christmas21085 clothes634419 concave belly5295 cute265737 cutelestia4277 daaaaaaaaaaaw7011 duo169920 duo female30934 ear fluff50744 female1802608 folded wings19956 frown36140 grumpy3251 happy44506 holiday35243 hoof shoes9759 horn190403 large wings2953 luna is not amused695 lunabetes4373 open mouth237507 open smile31238 raised hoof69931 reindeer antlers680 royal sisters6731 rudolph nose66 shoes59413 siblings21803 sisters17966 smiling397405 snow19657 unamused24025 wing fluff2395 wings222981 winter6366


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