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safe2174120 artist:aztrial372 opaline arcana3207 alicorn314088 pony1602289 g575388 my little pony: make your mark10974 my little pony: make your mark chapter 61696 roots of all evil575 spoiler:g532652 spoiler:my little pony: make your mark7680 spoiler:my little pony: make your mark chapter 61672 spoiler:mymc06e03339 bondage46518 curved horn11428 fangs40095 female1802484 horn190345 karma405 mare740895 open mouth237485 vine1923 vine bondage229


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@Spiritus Arcane
I mean it’s possible but I don’t feel like that was implied, it could have just poofed her like the decorations the episode before or made a portal under her, but instead, it pulled her in so I think it’s more likely she’s been trapped inside.
Not hating on the idea of course, if you find her having been sent somewhere more interesting then more power to you, diversity in headcanon is always cool :)

For real, Opaline, out of all MLP villains between G4 and G5 had the worst “worse than death” fate, all the others that got stuck somewhere were at least implied to be unconscious (i.e turned to stone, assumed to be asleep on the moon) but Opaline is shown to be conscious and aware inside the tree, she is stuck in a room only a little bigger than she is in the pitch black with most likely no sound getting in… Oh and she’s immortal, she will be stuck in there unable to even die with only her own thoughts and the dark for company.
she is all but guaranteed to go legit insane, people left in black rooms start hallucinating after only a day or two so if she ever gets out she might not even be “there” anymore after her mind retreats into an imaginary world as her brain tries to keep her from becoming a total vegetable… (Adds a note to AU world)
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Description from the source:
MLP G5: The Root of All Evil
get pwned
I like the implication of it. So I wanted to show the horror of her banishment/death scene in this drawing.