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Base Credit: r0manesqu3
Here’s the first Fateverse first family tree!
Top Row: Big Macintosh, Fluttershy, and Tempest Shadow
Bottom Row: Nimble Nectarine, Ladybug and Bear Hug
Big Macintosh and Fluttershy had Nimble as a late teenagers, (Before him and Sugar Belle would have gotten married in canon) and broke up shortly before his birth. They coparented well in his young childhood years but they started disagreeing on parenting during his older childhood, preteens and worse so in his teens. Big Mac and Nimble now have an extremely strained relationship, Fluttershy and Mac much more so.
Fluttershy started spending more time with Tempest and Luna during their group therapy sessions for anxiety. Twilight suggested it all her friends who struggled with anxiety, she herself attended regularly too. But, they started bonding over their mutual distrust of new ponies and it went from there. They really started to like and then love one another, they now both live together with their two kids. Tempest struggles with her youngest being a unicorn and having magical outbursts.

safe2150889 artist:silagekiddz19 big macintosh33230 fluttershy255695 tempest shadow18908 oc934295 oc:bear hug3 oc:ladybug28 oc:nimble nectarine1 earth pony436344 pegasus486436 pony1578722 unicorn527217 g42004197 alternate design5580 alternate universe12797 base used33257 broken horn15845 broken up1 chest fluff63713 facial scar620 family tree469 female1777282 foal42533 freckles42810 gradient background23690 half-siblings799 horn178025 lesbian116303 magical lesbian spawn15439 male541684 mare726302 offspring49812 parent:big macintosh4179 parent:fluttershy6457 parent:tempest shadow2496 parents:fluttermac1866 parents:tempestshy16 scar16194 ship:fluttermac3941 shipping250731 stallion191071 straight176077 tempestshy10


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