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Maud Pie calmly stepped out onto the diving board. Upon reaching the edge of board she paused and took a moment to adjust her swimsuit. With that accomplished she paused the mare looked down at the water 20ft below her as she prepared for her dive.
After a few seconds Maud raised her arms and looked straight ahead. Suddenly she flexed the board and it launched herself into the air. Twisting and turning she straightened up just a fraction of second before she hit the water. She slipped beneath surface with tiniest amount of splash. She velocity slowed quickly in the water. About 8ft down she gracefully arced back and swam for the surface.
Reaching the edge of the pool Maud looked over at the young stallion who she’d met a while back at the same pool. The stallion said nothing but he was intently looking at her. The mare arched her back a bit and then glanced over at him for a second.
“Do you like diving?”
The stallion nodded his head.
“Do you do diving yourself?”
The stallion shook his head.
Maud stared intently at him for a couple seconds as the stallion’s face grew. “You should try it sometime. It’s amazing.”
The mare looked away and down to her friend Boulder. Sitting on the little table next to the rock was a tiny number placard showing their score for Maud’s last dive. The earth pony looked the 10 and smiled. Then she exited the pool and headed back to the high board.
The stallion watched her walked away.

suggestive190505 artist:baron engel2691 boulder (g4)1485 maud pie14944 earth pony445224 anthro359089 g42026785 breasts390309 clothes633325 erect nipples16767 female1799993 legs in the water356 legs together2747 mare739291 monochrome174700 nipple outline11194 one-piece swimsuit6382 partially submerged633 pencil drawing11303 stupid sexy maud pie147 swimming pool4178 swimsuit39063 traditional art142959 wet11649 wet mane6431


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