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safe2119994 artist:shadowreindeer495 princess luna114822 alicorn303142 pony1548928 g41934347 antlers3495 bell6407 bell collar3376 candy9470 candy cane3149 christmas19228 closed mouth1042 clothes612353 collar46098 cute257500 female1746298 folded wings17747 food97414 harness2967 holiday32320 large wings2590 levitation15749 looking at you246674 lunabetes4272 magic93848 magic aura8477 mare708060 mistletoe2136 mouth hold23035 raised hoof66689 smiling377645 socks91387 solo1383335 sparkly mane839 sparkly tail375 tail89565 telekinesis37848 tongue out141615 wings208830


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Background Pony #8EAB
i think hasbro looks at your art. cause in mym chapter 6 they made a character based off one of your ocs you made art of