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Rarity and Fluttershy dressed as Luna and Celestia! <3

safe2174373 artist:emberslament561 fluttershy258612 rarity217547 pegasus496501 pony1602508 unicorn537935 g42028916 testing testing 1-2-31555 blushing274116 celestia costume51 closed mouth1410 clothes634478 cosplay32934 costume39113 crown29910 cute265754 duo169936 fake horn1191 fake wings1127 female1802718 folded wings19961 halloween13191 heart76363 heart eyes29704 holiday35243 hoof shoes9760 implied princess celestia1176 implied princess luna785 jewelry113066 levitation16249 looking at you259314 luna costume2 lunarity61 magic96625 magic aura9000 mare741049 mouth hold23754 nightmare night6141 open mouth237540 peytral7491 princess shoes1246 raised hoof69940 regalia36420 shylestia190 smiling397444 standing25035 telekinesis39060 tiara7008 wingding eyes40338 wings223007


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