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safe2155034 alternate version84773 artist:twillow11 hitch trailblazer13580 izzy moonbow21113 earth pony438169 pony1583018 unicorn529126 g573328 blushing269068 bracelet15313 duo164650 duo male and female5370 female1781870 friendship bracelet820 high res406214 izzyhitch120 jewelry110804 long mane6573 looking at each other33555 looking at someone15016 male543338 mare728712 shipping251330 signature42672 simple background585844 stallion191832 straight176729 unshorn fetlocks45205


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Background Pony #4AD0
I wish the next season gives us a Izzy and Hitch episode, or at least an episode of Tell Your Tale
It’s so weird we it’s been almost 4 years since the generation started and the closest we have had to an episode between them it’s the box episode