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Deviantart Description:
I took inspiration from Orin331 from the nightmare rarity mane

safe2155300 artist:gihhbloonde687 oc936896 oc only680217 unnamed oc3345 alicorn310292 bat pony73762 bat pony alicorn3296 pony1583247 alicorn oc36170 armor30819 bat pony oc29066 bat wings16263 colored eyelashes1320 colored wings13715 concave belly3667 crown29444 dark sclera67 ethereal mane13164 ethereal tail2020 fangs39287 female1782073 fiery tail42 gradient wings1745 helmet15639 high res406262 hoof shoes9392 horn179602 jewelry110820 long horn1317 long legs935 long mane6582 long tail4908 magical lesbian spawn15448 mare728809 offspring49856 open mouth233323 parent:daybreaker64 parent:nightmare rarity43 peytral7186 pink eyes1885 princess shoes1027 raised hoof68526 regalia35759 simple background585970 slender5243 slit pupils7434 smiling390279 solo1410427 sparkly mane1137 spread wings92083 standing24107 tail96135 tall1230 thin8128 transparent background281261 wing armor219 wings217310


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