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Background Pony #6DE9
Well I can’t wait for the final Chapter. I don’t even care if those dragons are two legged or four legged the important thing is that they’re all friends together. Also did you notice that some of those dragons have hair?
Background Pony #88F5
I think sparky is cute. I hope he learns to fly soon. Maybe one of the dragons will help hitch teach him? After the Opaline thing obv. lol. my fav character is Sunny, I like how she wants everyone to get along.
Background Pony #DF5C
November 23. That’s the date of Doctor Who’s 60th Anniversary. Has anyone noticed that?
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@Background Pony #D146
She’s not annoyed with him 🙄 She just seems to think it’s weird that Sparky and Hitch are so close. She gave that look after Sparky kissed Hitch’s cheek.
She’s probably gonna be the lone dragon that disapproves of Hitch being Sparky’s dad.
Background Pony #AD60
Well the G4 designs for two legged dragons were always bad. It feel liks they are returning to actual dragon models from Dragonshy but who are still very young