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Surprise: “Surprise!”
Pinkie: “Pinkie! Hi! I’m Pinkie Pie! What’s your name?”
S: “I’m Surprise!”
P: giggles “that makes sense! Are you new to Ponyville?”
S: “Oh absolutely! To be honest, I don’t know where I am! I was sucked into a pulsating vortex and ended up here! Everything is so different! Even me!” looks at her wings and hooves as if discovering her body for the first time
P: “That sounds really exciting!”
S: “Oh, you know it! I’ve been smiling all day!”
P: laughs “Smiling is the best!”
S: “It so is!” hoofbumps “wanna hang out?”
P: “Does a teal platypus wear a fedora?” pauses a second “That means yes!” laughs
My friend Feather Bloom helped me by designing a version of Surprise’s mane that would look good in the G4 style. Really, her mane design made this piece. I didn’t want it to be the carbon copy of Pinkie’s mane that so many people seem to like to do. Surprise may be the inspiration for Pinkie, but they are not the same character, and they have very different manes.

safe2187938 artist:feather_bloom299 artist:kaitykat117137 pinkie pie257382 surprise3150 earth pony510272 pegasus502793 pony1617466 mlp fim's thirteenth anniversary342 g121500 g42044000 adoraprise340 base used33881 belly44764 boop9381 cute267742 diapinkes12683 duo174381 featured image1221 female1817798 flying55673 g1 to g44788 generation leap11040 generational ponidox483 mare751166 raised hoof70773 simple background603755 speech bubble40368 talking10974 transparent background286902 vector90163 xk-class end-of-the-world scenario2556


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@Background Pony #85F2
Well I appreciate your appreciation of mine and my friend’s efforts. ^v^
This was my exact reaction. lmao
Also as for the CM looking “sperm-ish”, idk man, I just traced Surprise’s CM from a G1 screenshot.
@Peace Petal
I just used a color picker on a screenshot from G1. I tried to be as accurate as possible on all the colors. Like you said, by nature of the quality of 80’s animation, the colors were never really super consistent to the degree you’re looking at, anyway. The important bit is that she’s recognizable as who she is.
Peace Petal
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I’m getting a hex code of #976F86 from screencaps of Surprise, which is listed as Mountbatten Pink (a purple-y pink, to be sure) on
This image gives #4B4491, which is listed as Victoria (a shade of purple-y blue).
I suppose it’s not that far off. And it’s definitely hard to get precise colors with those old, ’80s screencaps from VHS. I did look up the toy, and it was much more purple than I had expected.
Background Pony #85F2
As a G1 fan it does get a teensy bit irritating seeing her portrayed as just a Pinkie recolor all the time, so the fact that her mane design here is actually distinct is really cool, and appreciated. :D
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