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Rendered with 9 4K renders @ 256 DoF samples
19 lights used in this scene
Models used:
[*] - The collar isn’t made for the ReVAmped anthro body, therefore to make it work with that body, more manual adjustments have to be made in positioning.

suggestive190721 artist:imafutureguitarhero510 sci-twi31344 sunset shimmer79119 twilight sparkle357733 alicorn314117 classical unicorn5553 unicorn537909 anthro359689 unguligrade anthro65296 series:twilight's sexual deviancy44 g42028877 3d122638 :36940 absurd file size3387 absurd resolution67461 alicornified7503 arm fluff304 arm freckles150 belt9384 black bars384 blushing274100 bondage46524 bondage mitts372 boob window2322 bra21777 breasts390999 butt fluff915 butt freckles3294 cat keyhole bra set459 cat lingerie797 cheek fluff9517 chest fluff65545 chin fluff533 chromatic aberration2079 cleavage46697 clothes634453 cloven hooves16588 collar47942 colored eyebrows1518 colored eyelashes1485 colored wings14490 cute265744 dialogue92989 duo169922 duo female30935 ear fluff50746 ear freckles544 emoji1459 emoji gag44 evening gloves10874 female1802665 femdom10370 femsub14251 film grain506 fingerless elbow gloves1233 fingerless gloves6693 floppy ears72977 fluffy19577 fluffy hair258 fluffy mane615 fluffy tail547 freckles43877 fur1107 gag19970 gentle femdom53 gloves30127 grin62976 horn190429 latex18933 latex clothes100 latex gloves2842 latex mask167 latex socks3836 latex stockings878 leash10586 leg fluff5112 leg freckles238 leonine tail14116 lesbian117646 lingerie14049 long gloves9434 looking at each other34332 looking at someone15984 mare741022 marker535 mask10139 muffled13 multicolored hair11842 multicolored mane4783 multicolored tail3312 muzzle gag1271 neck fluff1495 nose wrinkle3905 one ear down1462 paintover180 panties63765 pants22393 paw gloves203 pen1617 peppered bacon368 pet play5184 race swap21658 revamped anthros1688 revamped ponies823 sharpie104 ship:sci-twishimmer2846 ship:sunsetsparkle5181 shipping254147 shorts19620 shoulder fluff3109 shoulder freckles1555 sigh588 signature44011 smiling397415 smiling at someone16 socks95525 source filmmaker67819 stage.bsp256 stockings48498 striped gloves203 striped socks28284 striped stockings220 submissive23303 subset402 subtitles2572 sunset shimmer is not amused298 tail100701 tail fluff467 tank top10898 telepathy53 text89605 thigh highs59556 twidom1272 twilight sparkle (alicorn)149117 two toned wings6184 unamused24025 underwear78821 unshorn fetlocks46767 varying degrees of amusement249 wall of tags6643 wing fluff2395 wing freckles128 wings222990


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Background Pony #625F
Apparently, Twilight really likes cats… and Sunset… why not combine them once again