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To convince Sunburst that ponies would take up on her smoothie idea, she managed to convince Starlight to transport herself and her son far into the future. The asking price Starlight gave Stellar Flare was substantial; a full year moratorium on pestering and planning her and Sunburst for grandfoals.

safe2171282 artist:magicnova126 derpibooru exclusive40435 stellar flare1657 sunny starscout21429 alicorn313449 earth pony444951 pony1599406 unicorn536570 mlp fim's thirteenth anniversary342 g42025934 g575160 artificial horn676 artificial wings3035 augmented4291 coat markings13397 duo169082 duo female30681 female1799265 g5 to g42550 generation leap10686 hair braid61 hair tie1668 hairband2013 high res407613 implied time travel86 jewelry112634 looking back86326 mane stripe sunny7538 mare738780 necklace32230 pearl necklace2694 race swap21589 raised hoof69661 simple background594478 smoothie truck4 socks (coat markings)8050 sunnycorn1872 text89324 traditional art142809 unshorn fetlocks46508 vehicle1365 white background160983 wings222096


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