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safe2198023 ai content21897 ai generated20567 derpibooru exclusive41064 generator:easyfluff v11.2482 prompter:aiponyanon38 princess celestia113776 alicorn319508 pony1628481 g42053954 armor31686 concave belly7477 crown30576 female1829538 high res409248 horn203908 jewelry116193 looking at you264850 mare758316 regalia37384 smiling405990 solo1445738 spread wings97429 sternocleidomastoid1915 thighs29034 thunder thighs16842 wings229717


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@Background Pony #1BCC
Image with metadata here:
Style LoRA here:
I am a ComfyUI user, not sure if A1111 or Vlad will be able to load the image metadata. I didn’t use any artist tags, just that style LoRA.
@Background Pony #1015
It took a lot of base gens to get something half decent. It was actually the wings that caused the most problem; it wants to generate only one wing 90% of the time, and they’re always open. After I got a decent base it required a few tries to get a decent upscale, and I had to inpaint some issues out of the background and a misplaced horn. Might have been able to fix up the armor, but was happy enough with it at this point.
Background Pony #1015
Impressive. AI art is getting so good. Although there’s still a few errors. The upper armor on her left foreleg seems to be askew and facing the wrong direction, and the upper armor on her left hindleg seems to be missing altogether.
Still, I am impressed. It otherwise seems to have all the appropriate joints and flex points.