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Hoof to Heart 💖
Hoof to Heart! 💖
#mlp #mlpg5

safe2171307 artist:erieillustrates168 hitch trailblazer13845 izzy moonbow21607 pipp petals20925 sparky sparkeroni3982 sunny starscout21429 zipp storm16881 dragon85268 earth pony444965 pegasus495178 pony1599431 unicorn536579 g575163 blushing273420 cellphone7998 chest fluff65251 close-up8837 female1799287 floating heart6230 freckles43725 group7934 heart76122 horn188876 horns10889 male549678 mane five4206 mane stripe sunny7538 mare738792 my little pony logo6218 one eye closed45610 open mouth236848 open smile30966 phone12427 selfie4943 smartphone5340 smiling396350 sparkles9061 spread wings94132 stallion195166 tongue out146848 traditional art142810 unshorn fetlocks46509 wings222104 wink32851


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