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My take on the whole “That magic was not yours to give!” trend among the MLP fandom!
It’s all in good fun - but I just think Twilight would never ever be that mean to Sunny LMAO - it’s cuter imo if it’s more a passing the torch situation!

safe2171306 artist:artbysarf39 sunny starscout21429 twilight sparkle357215 alicorn313457 earth pony444965 pony1599429 g575163 bracelet15563 butt230721 crown29843 duo169088 female1799286 glowing19037 glowing horn29077 high res407615 hoers4664 horn188876 jewelry112639 large wings2926 looking at each other34205 looking at someone15836 mane stripe sunny7538 mare738791 obtrusive watermark7716 older39899 older twilight4347 older twilight sparkle (alicorn)3834 peytral7429 plot143775 princess twilight 2.03797 raised hoof69662 regalia36321 smiling396350 subversion154 sunny and her heroine367 that magic is yours to give9 that magic is yours to save2 that magic was not yours to give41 twilight sparkle (alicorn)148940 wings222104


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Might I potentially use that or the other one as a Cover Art? I think it would fit just right <3
Either way, very cute and more in style of how I myself see Princess Twilight. That alicorn mare would NEVER loose her Spark of Kindness and Friendship. Say what you want, that is my opinion.